rediscovering soul

the creative process of life coaching enhanced by the imaginal perspective of soul

When I first shifted my attention from group facilitation to life coaching, I remember being told that people come to coaching for their outer goals, but eventually there's a shift to the inner goals. I had seen that in my facilitation work, and really liked the concept, but I found that, in practice, it was all too easy to keep the focus on the outer activity and neglect the inner exploration that isn't measured by external progress.

Soon after, I discovered depth psychology, and within that archetypal psychology, and through my course work and dissertation research learned to layer its imaginal perspective onto my coaching and facilitation. I quickly realized that I had found what I was looking for - a way to intentionally encourage a shift to the deeper work of soul.

The training and mentoring I now offer is a reflection of this blending - created specifically for experienced life coaches and group facilitators. My offerings provide an enhancement for your professional offerings, not a new program or prescribed method - ways of interacting within a life coaching partnership or group learning experience that invite a more creative perspective.

Simply put - I guide coaches and facilitators who want to shift the energy of their offerings from a focus on outer objectives to an exploration of deeper meaning and insights.

The human adventure is a wandering through the vale of the world for the sake of making soul."

.James Hillman, Revisioning Psychology